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Timber Wolf Alliance (TWA)
The Timber Wolf Alliance (TWA)
promotes and assists in achieving
a sustainable population of wolves
through public education in the
western great lakes region with
special emphasis in the lake
superior basin. twa promotes
strategies that enhance wolf
populations and teach people
about the wolf's role as an
integral part of a healthy woodland

timber wolf alliance website

Native America

Native America was founded in 1995 and is dedicated
to the reintroduction of native plant and animal species
to their respective places in the american lands through
education, research and habitat restoration.

native america website

Defenders of Wildlife

defenders of wildlife is dedicated
to the protection of all native
wild animals and plants in their
natural communities. we focus our
programs on what scientists
consider two of the most serious
environmental threats to the
planet: the accelerating rate of
extinction of species and the
associated loss of biological
diversity, and habitat alteration

and destruction. long known for
our leadership on endangered
species issues, defenders of
wildlife also advocates new
approaches to wildlife
conservation that will help keep
species from becoming endangered.
our programs encourage protection
of entire ecosystems and
interconnected habitats while
protecting predators that serve as
indicator species for ecosystem health.

defenders of wildlife website

Forest Watch

Forest Watch works to protect and restore forests-
young and old, small and large, private and public.
our goals are to restore wilderness, protect
imperiled wildlife, improve public land management,
and promote ecological forestry.

forest watch website

"Wildman" Steve Brill

Wild food! learn about edible and
medicinal wild plants and
mushrooms, nature, and ecology
with new york's best-known naturalist
"wildman" steve brill.

wildman's website

International Wolf Center

the international wolf center advances
the survival of wolf populations by
teaching about wolves, their
relationship to wild lands and the human
role in their future.

international wolf center's website

Maine Wolf Coalition

The Maine Wolf Coalition was founded in 1994 with the mission of northeast wolf recovery through research, education, and protection.

the maine wolf coalition website



Coalition to Restore the Eastern Wolf (CREW)

The Coalition to Restore the Eastern Wolf (CREW) is a partnership of local, regional, and national organizations working together to recover healthy wolf populations in the northeastern United States.

crew website


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